5 Best Super Mario Games For Android

When it comes to video games, few franchises are as iconic and influential as Super Mario. The lovable Italian plumber has been a gaming staple for over 30 years, appearing in countless classic titles that have defined generations of gamers. And while the Mario games are typically known for their console releases, there have been some great Super Mario games released on Android as well. Here are 5 of the best Super Mario games you can play on your Android device!

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is the latest evolution of one of gaming’s most iconic and beloved characters. The game challenges players to run, jump and navigate obstacles with their fingertips, bringing the classic gameplay from the days of Nintendo Entertainment Systems into the smartphone era. As expected from the franchise, Super Mario Run features stunning visuals and upbeat music that keeps the player motivated throughout the quest. With three different modes – World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder – Super Mario Run ensures that players keep coming back for more. So join in on all the fun today with Super Mario Run!

Super Mario World

Super Mario World is one of the most iconic and beloved video games of all time. Its colourful levels, sharp level design, fun characters, toe-tapping soundtrack and sheer addictiveness has caused countless gamers to spend countless hours captivated by the Super Mario world. Whether it’s battling the mecha-dragon Browser or exploring secret cities deep in forests it’s easy to see why Super Mario World remains such a stalwart part of our gaming memories. It is an experience like no other, an engaging playground for imaginations and strategy that serves as a reminder that classic video games can still teach us something special even decades later.

New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U has breathed life back into one of Nintendo’s classic franchises. With its release in 2012, the game set out to entertain fans both old and new with a mix of classic platforming elements and modern graphics. Featuring a variety of levels, enemies, hidden secrets, modes and more, the game continues to stand as one of the greats in the Mario series. Players can join up with other friends or family members for some competitive gaming fun or attempt to collect every coin and star on their own journey through Mushroom Kingdom. Whether playing solo or with others, New Super Mario Bros. U is sure to delight gamers of all ages.

Super Fighter M

Super Fighter M is an exciting new virtual reality action game that puts users in the middle of a 3D fighting arena. You can choose either single or two-player mode and battle a variety of opponents using a range of punches, kicks and special moves; including energy blasts and wall jumps. Set in detailed cityscapes and castles, Super Fighter M packs an authentic martial arts experience into the palm of your hand. It also features randomly generated bonuses and power ups for intense dynamic gameplay so no two matches are ever the same. With its fast, frantic combat, energizing soundtrack and vibrant HD visuals, Super Fighter M guarantees to keep gamers on their toes from start to finish!

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a stellar haunted house exploration game from Nintendo, released on the 3DS system in 2013. Players take on the role of Luigi as he investigates mysterious goings-on inside five enormous mansions. Armed with his trusty vacuum cleaner and flashlight, Luigi must battle ghastly ghosts and gather up hidden treasures in each mansion before moving on to the next. Dark Moon ups the ante over its predecessor with its set of varied tasks and objectives, as well as its intriguing variety of supernatural foes. The game’s art direction is stunningly detailed, with plenty of secrets and surprises awaiting keen explorers – especially if they abide by the steadfast rule proclaimed by King Boo at the outset: “Don’t get too scared!”

After exploring all of these different areas of the Super Mario franchise, it is safe to say that Mario continues to be a beloved character among gamers and non-gamers alike. His presence has diversified in recent decades, taking on many new adventures and captivating multiple generations of players. He has inspired countless ideas for spin-off titles such as Super Fighter M and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. With the recently released mobile game Super Mario Run, Nintendo fans across the board are excited for what the future may bring for their favorite hero. Ultimately, no matter how much time passes or how advanced gaming technology is, we can all agree that Super Mario will always remain an icon.